STEM cognitive primer and science communication tool

Grasp the essence of complex scientific research in 5 min through the synthesis of expert opinions
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The Challenge

To grasp the essence of scientific ideas or findings: textbooks are too general, scientific papers are too specific, and review papers are too long. When students do not have a basic understand of the subject matter, instructor-based education and training often fail to engage and motivate.

What are we doing

We mine the Big Data of all the academic publications for the user’s keywords. We find the Internet and social networks mentions of these publications. We assemble scientists’ blogs, news stories, and YouTube into a word-cloud of relevant expert opinions.

What we have achieved

Rabbit Hole of Knowledge is a new type of science communication and education tool that creates an environment for student-driven, personalized learning. It provides an opportunity to pick up and follow individual learning paths that corresponds with a student’s learning style, prior-knowledge, and vocabulary. It builds upon and stimulates logical…